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Writing and why..

I write because I can’t not write. I write because I love to travel and writing allows me to study some of my favorite places. It’s probably no surprise that I loved setting my series in Savannah, San Francisco,and Ireland. Sometimes I write for the same reason I read—to walk through a  door to a reality I don’t live in. A book provides all this and it should charm, entertain, uplift, make me laugh or think in a way I hadn’t. Writing lets me explore ideas that come bounding into my brain and demand my attention—right now—drop everything—me first.

Lately, I can’t seem to catch up to the stories that want to be told. I write about what I find interesting, or funny, or something I love. I write what I like to read.

Stephen King says that to write you must read. I take him seriously. Really seriously. I can honestly say, if I’m not writing, I’m reading. Sometimes I manage to wedge in a video game with my son or a hockey game with my husband, or talk to my friends about this book idea…

Some of your favorite series, love on the ice...

Exciting New Series, New Oleans Cajuns. An expansion team, first book Ty—Right In Front of Me.
A friends to lovers romance.

Jessica’s Force Security series.  Newest release Seth, a spin off series about the men who protect the Heat. Single dad romance.

Rhett—Black Ice. the 10th book in the Savannah Heat series. Older woman younger man romance.


For a change of pace...

Fun new paranormal series!

The Magical Matchmakers series is a romp through the case files of the members of the Magical Matchmakers Guild. It’s not an easy job to find the the one true love of paranormal creatures. Sometimes love requires a touch of magik.

The members of the guild specialize in paranormal matches. The Magical Matchmakers is composed of four mini-series, of three books each. The first book is already out. “The Devil’s In The Details” takes place in Salem. The second book, “That *itch Belinda” is  set for release in March. This book is set in Las Vegas.

If you like a laugh with your romance check out the  new series.