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San Francisco Vampires, 9 book series

Lily and Sebastian have got their hands full with their daughter’s attraction to Aidan and Amanda’s son. Sebastian is not ready for her to have a suitor. Especially when that suitor is the son of his old rival.

A new generation of love, mischief and magic, with a twist of suspense.

Most recent book “Growing up Sucks” out now.


Boxed set of three books

Start The Series With a Boxed Set. Save $2.98

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The Stained series,

The final book in the Stained series will be released on July 15th.

The battle between good magik and evil forces battle over the soul of Thorn and Se’s unborn child.

Same Magic, New Look!

The last challenge—can love prevail over pure evil, will the witches overcome the eater of souls. Especially one that fixates on Thorn and Sé’s unborn child?The final chapter of the Stained series. Love, magik and suspense. Release date July 15, 2020

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Savannah Heat

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Two recent releases in the Savannah Heat series.

  • “Ivan: Trial by Fire”, Out Now
  • Hunter: Rockin’ the Ice,” Out Now
  • Coming Soon
  • “Caleb: On Thin Ice”  6/15/2020
  • “Asher: Code Force”  8/15/2020 Savannah Heat spin off. 

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