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Fool Me Once, Cajuns 3, June 28

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Kirk, Force Security, August 28

Cover Kirk, book 3


The Other Side of Her, Cajuns 4, Oct. 28

Cover Book 4 in New Orleans Cajuns


FOOL ME ONCE, A sexy tech geek is the youngest and newest owner in the National Hockey League. But after one night in Vegas he finds himself married to his goalie’s sister. But maybe it’s for the best, they’ve been circling each other for two years. Reese Stone never worried about the crank threats or sponsor’s opinions before, until he has a weakness and losing her means losing the most important thing in his life.

Reader with cover of Jude

Hockey passion— “Jude’s Sweet Fire,” the first book in the Savannah Heat Hockey Romance series is free. Introduce yourself to the team and start feeling the Heat.

When the players of the Heat needed protection they contacted Force Security, the top security companies in the South. Now the heroes of Force show the special skills they’re made of.

The best players money can buy are lured to the new New Orleans Cajun’s expansion team.But New Orleans brings more than they were promised when they find their forever loves.

A natural born warrior witch, targeted by a serial killer, must prove her innocence and use her power. What starts out in quirky Berkeley, CA migrates to Ireland. Thorn and the detective who believes her, find the strength and the talent to defeat threats to each other, their friends and family and finally their unborn child. First book in the series (Stained) is free.

Box Set San Francisco Vampires

Lilly Goodwill is a vampire with OCD and a lot of admirers. Some might think she is a trouble magnet. Her community of vampires, witches, demons, a djinn and a hell hound are always ready to come to her aide. First book in the series is free.

Cover for Devil's in the Details

Love is serious business, if you are a matchmaker, and especially if you use magik to find your matches. Paranormal matchmakers from the four regions of the United States form a loose coalition to nudge the star crossed and fated lovers to connect. But the matchmakers find a match for themselves when they least expect it. And it is usually all but impossible.

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Love a man who knows his own mind, until he meets the woman of his dreams and she has a mind of her own? Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta change.

That’s what I’m about,worlds with hot heroes and feisty heroines, with the tang of humor and a dose of danger. Sometimes I throw in a lot of humor. Whether your taste runs towards the paranormal or hot humans, the quest for that special love is on and the characters will have you wanting more. Love is a forever thing and you know it will work out in the end. I promise.

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