Vampires, Hell Hounds, Witches and Djinn


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Contemporary Hockey Romance


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Meet The Author

Jessica McBrayer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's been writing her whole life and has thirteen books published through Mess of Geckos Publishing. 

She enjoys reading voraciously as well as writing and is often daydreaming about her next book. A die-hard San Jose Sharks fan, you can find her during hockey season wearing her favorite player's name on the back of her jersey and yelling at the TV. She never wants to find out what the world would be like without Harry Potter or hockey in it. 

With a background in biology, Jessica has done everything but use it to make a living. She’s been active in her community and her family’s life, working in marketing, social work, public speaking, and being a stay at home mom. She has been a member of Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Jessica McBrayer like a good cup of coffee and Jack
Jessica McBrayer like a good cup of coffee and Jack

Award Winning, Best selling series

Sucking in San Francisco Vampires, cover with image of Lily Goodwill and Djinn lamp.

Learn More About the Popular Award Winning Series, San Francisco Vampires.

3 book box set available of books 1-3 for just .99

Readers love Lily, her Vamp friends, Djinn and Demon. Don't forget the Hell Hound.

"A not-to-be-missed hilarious romp through San Francisco harboring witches, magic, a to-die-for Djinn, and some very sexy vampires you'd love to have bite your neck." (NYT Bestseller Jennifer Skully) 

"It's a cute, funny book. I got a kick out of a vampire who is phobic of germs and has to have wet wipes and hand sanitizer on hand. Then there's the djinn who absolutely hates all vampires and is trying to commit suicide, then meets said phobic vampire who is determined to save him - he falls in love with her and ends up falling in love with her and making friends with her "family." Meanwhile, she has a vampire that she's known for a few years who plays the field that's fallen in love with her who's trying to prove it. Now she's trying to choose! Meanwhile there's some evil witches trying the bind the djinn, kill our phobic vampire, and generally causing mayhem. Join the fun! LOL"

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Savannah Heat series

Hockey Player, Jude is a knight in armor and skates. Cover with Jude's warm smile.

Heat on the Ice

Looking for something hot to keep you cozy all winter? The Savannah Heat series will warm your heart . Meet the hero in Jude's Sweet Fire, the player in Xander-Winter's Warmth, enjoy Frenemies in Ron, Fire and Ice, cheer for a second chance with Jacob, Hope Burns, and root for the lost boy in Marcel, Redemption Through Fire. These men, a close knit team of friends with talent that rely on each other on the ice, and step up when the others fight for the most important things in their lives.

If you are a hockey romance fan, you will find everything you love in these five books. If you like your romance sweet with a little heat you will be enchanted with these love stories. And then there are the added twists of mystery and suspense to add the final touches to a new and already well loved series. 

Reviews for Savannah Heat

Jude's Sweet Fire

"Their [Jude and Megan] story unfolds beautifully. You have to read this!"

Amazon Verified Purchase

Savannah Heat Romance

Xander-Winter's Warmth

"A real page Turner, you never know what is going to happen next, I loved these characters and the ones that we met in the first book that became secondary characters. Can't wait for the next book"

Amazon Verified Purchase

Ron -Fire and Ice

"Wow this book get so hot you may need a cold shower. I absolutely could not get enough of this. I was hooked from the first page, great writing job. Bravo loved it"

Jacob-Hope Burns

Jacob-Hope Burns is one of the most heartwarming books I have ever read. Even with his personal life in turmoil and his professional life in jeopardy, Jakob makes the time to save a young boy, reaffirming Anja’s belief that he is a really good man. I loved everything about this book! Seriously one of the best in my experience!♥️♥️♥️

Amazon Reviewer

Contemporary, Hockey Romance Series

Marcel-Redemption Through Fire

Awesome story!!!!!! Did not disappoint. Such a tough story line, loved that they worked through it together. Loved, loved, loved it. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Amazon Reviewer

About Jessica McBrayer's romances

Stained series

Cover of Stained, Stained series book one.

Natural Born Witch, Battling Supernatural Evil

Thorn works after dark. 

That’s when she combines her gifts as a tattoo artist and her powers as a natural born witch to weave magick into her ink. Her tattoo parlor, Stained, on Berkeley’s quirky Telegraph Avenue draws clients from all walks of life. Her work is in high demand from the supernatural community and the undead.

With her raven familiar, Thorn’s been on the run all her adult life. She won’t talk
about why. Only she knows of the horrors in her past. She only wants to practice her art of tattooing in peace. But when a murderer targets her clients, Sé, a tall, dark and Irish detective is assigned to investigate. They must trust each other to survive the cat and mouse game that ensues.

Supernatural romance, magik, and suspence.

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What Readers Are Saying

"if someone was to ask me if I recommend this book, my answer would be a resounding yes. With few writing errors, truly colorful characters, and altogether interesting subjects, this would appeal to anyone with a taste for fantasy/mystery/romance. My thanks to the author for sharing her abundant talent with those of us needing that escape!!!          

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"Unique story line. Filled with action, I could not put it down and stayed up all night to finish. Hoping for another???? Would love for it to be a series..."

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