A Witch

Thorn is a natural born witch from a long line of powerful witches. She’s also a world renowned artist who owns a tattoo shop in Berkeley California.

A Serial Killer

When Thorn’s clients start dying, the police decide she is a person of interest. Especially the detective who is assigned to find the killer.  All the magik at Thorn’s co mand will be required to stay alive and give her the chance to explore a relationship with the man who stands beside her.

 Stained, book 2

Cover of first book in the stained series

Raven’s Tale, book 2

Murder of Crows, book 3

 Inked Heart, book 4


 Irish Ink, book 5

Cover of Irish Ink, Stained series

A Battle

Thorn is world famous tattoo artist who’s studied all over the world. She picked up more than tattoo techniques in Japan. She became s a master, fighting with a katana, until the her past shows up again. Thorn and her familiar, a huge raven with the wisdom of ages and the no fear of setting Thorn straight move to Berkeley, Californina. After battles a supernatural force she her lover return to Ireland. They had grown up with their mamós. Seeking peace and a new start they are pursued by paranormal enemies and must use all their resources to save themselves and their new friends.