Dignita Cafe, San Francisco

If you're wondering...

I’ve written stories all my life. Fiction, except for a stint in college, it’s true what they say, college can kill creativity. And yet, I survived. My major was biology with a focus on botany, who knew my passion would be in another direction.

I started writing in earnest again in 2010 and released my first books in 2011. Since then I have written 24 books with another four in various stages of development.


At the moment

I have the travel bug, I fall in love with every setting I write about.


I live in California in the Bay Area, but have a travel bug and don’t know where my family and I will end up. Who knows anything in these times?  I live in a creative house, my husband, my mother, and my son are all creatives. Can be chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Three pets, and here is where you get the cute pix.


Annie, the chi-weenie, the queen of the roost, and fearless protector—especially from those shady characters—the squirrels.

cat basking in sunlight

Hedwig, the crabby cat, She’s decided that she gets to decide, on whatever, and anything. The fluffy cat ‘s (not fat) favorite place is anywhere Annie wants to pass. The cat thinks the dog is amusing.

Then there is Crookshanks, the shy cat, also the incredibly hairy cat, watching his domain from his favorite place. He’s a silent guard and doesn’t mind Annie protecting the lower levels. He thinks her obsession with squirrels is a bit excessive.

always something going on

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