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Romance Is Popular For A Reason

Romance is growing up and reaching out. The old concept of formulaic writing is gone with the advent of indie writers and a fresh more realistic trend. Women (81% of romance readers are 

women) come from all educational and economic levels. Romance allow them to imagine scenarios without risk, to read about things that they wouldn't do but are curious about. 

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Book clubs are a great way to meet people with similar interests. You may be surprised that there are romance book clubs in several countries  and cities, online, in meet-ups or traditional book clubs  may work for you on several levels.

Online book clubs: These book clubs are already established and will introduce you to book clubs all over the country.  

Meet-up romance book clubs:

Find one in your area. Face to face events. 

Already in a book club? We suggest this article suggesting romance books that suggests 11 romance book that encourage discussions about relationships and tricky topics.

American Library Association suggestions.

Virtual romance book clubs, you need to begin your own. Try Good Reads for an easy platform to find others with your reading taste. 

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