Savannah Heat

Meet the men of Savannah Heat, alpha males who heat up the ice and the women they love.

Hockey Heat

“I loved it. I loved that it had so much humor in it. I found myself laughing all the time.
I just love this series and can never wait for the next book. The humor, romance and suspense. It has it all.”  Verified Amazon purchase, Kimberly

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cover, Jude, book 1
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Book One

Book Two

Book Three

In book one of the Savannah Heat series, Jude’s Sweet Fire Jude the captain and White Knight, not looking for love until it came looking for him. A kitten, a beautiful vet and he’s in over his head.

Amazon top ten best selling series

Xander is a player, and not just on the ice. He’s also Jude’s best friend. The right winger has no shortage of puck bunnies but when he finds the real thing will she believe he’s reformed. And what happens when a surprise baby shows up on his doorstep?

Ryan the love of his life, left without a reason, and then he gets his second chance and will she ever reveal why she shut him out? Find out in this enemies to lovers romance.

(Book formerly titled Ron)


Book Four

Book Five

Book Six

Jakob, keeps his head in the game, until he runs into a feisty reporter who nails him to the wall. Follow the give and take between two strong characters. A second chance romance.

The hero in this second chance romance, Marcel, is chased by demons. After an unforgivable night he hits bottom he sees and finally sees that he is throwing his life away. And with his fall he’s  chased away the love of his life.

She says she’s his friend, will she stand at his side while he finds his way back, and when he does, will she be his happily ever after.

In this small town bakery romance, Ivan, has a secret,  his sweet tooth leads him to an unexpected treat, the baker, and he’s addicted for life.

When a dangerous ex enters the scene can Ivan, “the judge, Aleexiv” find a way to save his love and her child?


cover HUNTER, BOOK 7
cover BRENT BOOK 8 Savannah Heat Hockey Romance

Book Seven

Book Eight


Book Nine


Hunter—Rockin The Ice. A charity gig requires his attendance to represent the Savannah Heat team. Reluctantly he shows up to become entranced with a an up and coming songstress. A surprise baby romance.

Caleb (On Thin Ice) is looking for an endorsement that requires a wife and settled life. He gets a dog and in a package deal another dog. The dogs’ trainer has a dream of her own, she agrees to help him out. Purely platonic… How long will the fake engagement last?


Brent ( Enforceing my Heart) loves them and leaves them, until he meets a woman he can’t forget. His fear of harming anyone he loves drives him away. But when he meets a woman he come to loves too much he’s got some tough choices to make. He’s got it under control on the ice but can  he over come the challenge to his heart?


Book Ten

When Rhett (Black Ice) meets the perfect woman, she’s convinced she’s too old for him. He’s been known for his casual affairs.The truth is he’s afraid to hurt anyone who gets too close. But he’s got a new game plan. Just so he can get her to play.

The adults have to straighten things out before her son becomes too attached to the hockey star. Older woman younger man romance.


[My] Number 1 series. I’m Asian and I love how the author recognizes not every Japanese person is the same as a Korean or Chinese person. And we love hockey too and our kids can pick up our cultures from both parents. And I love all the foodie references, it just appealed to the hockey fan in me, the foodie and the baker….I adore this book and having said that, I’m gonna grab a snack, sit in my yard and re-read this again. Every book In This series Is my very favorite until the next one and Jessica McBrayer is an automatic one-click. That said, this book in particular is a firm favorite as it appeals to so many facets of me. Cannot tell you how much I love this. Thank You for MY book.”

Amazon verified purchase, CATAylor.



The Heat is very much a part of Savannah, its romance, trees draped in Spanish moss and beaches and islands to explore. They enjoy the regional food as only Southern hospitality can provide and share the recipes of their families and cultures. And they love it!

Get a copy of the Heat’s cookbook, a collection of the favorite recipes from the series.



Avenue of oaks in American South

Savannah, Georgia, old, historic and steeped in atmosphere. The Heat team chose their homes in town and on the shore.

You might imagine the Heat likes to eat. We’ve put together a cookbook of their favorite recipes mentioned in the series. Dishes from all over the world. Chose it here.

Cookbook includes: sweet tea, Megan’s dilled rice, over the top cupcakes from Sweetly Southern,

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