San Francisco Vampires

Lilly Goodwill, is a vampire who works at a suicide prevention hot line in San Francisco. She is focused on helping those who can’t face their lives anymore. She is also a germaphobe and never far from her favorite spray cleaner. Then she gets a phone call that will change her life forever.

Award-Winning Series and Amazon’s top 100 listings.

“A not-to-be-missed hilarious romp through San Francisco harboring witches, magic, a to-die-for Djinn, and some very sexy vampires you’d love to have bite your neck.” (NYT Bestseller Jennifer Skully)


The nine books in the Vampires of San Francisco take place in the city by the Bay. The vampire Lily, our heroine, has a penchant for getting in trouble. And sometimes it’s even someone else’s fault. But she’s not about to sit around and feel sorry for herself. A cast of lovable characters are ready to lend a hand against the murderous nasties  (demons, vapires, were-creatures and who knows what else?) who  are determined to kill Lily, or worse.

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Book 1: Working at a suicide prevention hot line, golden-hearted Lily, gets more than she bargained for when she gets a call from someone who wants to know if jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge will take away his pain. The potential suicide turns out to be a vampire hating djinn.

Book 2: Hannah, Lily’s best pal, is bummed when Lily couples up. Hannah misses her. One night walking in her favorite cemetery Hannah finds a bundle of fur that immediately adopts the Ganga girl. Her friend Aiden, a  djinn,  breaks the news that Hannah has found a hell hound and its owner is bound to show up soon.

In book 3, Fate lobs another bomb into Lily’s life. Werewolves have started springing up in New Orleans, just when Lily and her friends come to visit. Is a vampire even able to become a werewolf? Are the afflictions even possible to have simultaneously? Lily has the fight of her life ahead of her.

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Award winning and Amazon Top 100 Series.

Book 4: What do you wear to a Holiday dinner party in Hell, with your in-laws? When the Vampire Hannah falls in love with Diel, a hot Demon, she realizes there are family obligations to keep. She takes her hell hound, Hades along, because he’s well, he is a hell hound.

Book 5: The vampire Lily Goodwill is in trouble, but not of the usual kind. She’s been fired from her job at the Suicide Prevention Call Center, she’s drinking, doing brimstone, and doesn’t care what happens. Her friends are ready to pick up the oWhat happens when she finally hits bottom.

Book 6: Hannah is pregnant, an event beyond her wildest dreams.  But all is not hearts and baby booties. When Hannah is forced into bed rest, in Hell, her bestie, Lily comes to her side.
Manipulating in-laws and pregnancy complications loom. Her Hell Hound, Hades, won’t leave her side, he’s coughing fire and not afraid to take on any demons who threaten Hannah

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Book 7: The Djinn, Aiden, is all powerful until his girlfriend goes missing. He is bereft and has no idea how to get her back. He needs his vampire, witch, werewolf and demon friends to help find her before she is lost forever.

Book 8: Your favorite characters are celebrating in their own special ways. From Julian’s Saturnalia to Helena’s Winter Solstice, from Christmas mass to Santa Claus the vampires of San Francisco have it covered.
Lily just wants everyone to be happy. But with a surprise visit from Diel’s father and his new wife nothing is for sure.

Book  9: It’s happened, Lily and Sebastian’s little girl is all grown up and Sebastian isn’t ready. Especially when she falls in love with her best friend, the son of a certain Djinn. It looks like Lily’s little girl has inherited more than her mother’s good looks. Another trouble magnet.


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Laugh a minute, with a touch of heat

What’s not to like about a vampire who uses Lysol like it’s perfume and is obsessive about her “snacks”? Just a sip and the donor is in nirvana. But only after they’ve been swiped by alcohol rubs. They never see what’s coming but they wish it would happen again.