Jude's Sweet Fire Trailer

Jude's Sweet Fire: A Savannah Heat Hockey Romance



A sweet and sexy NHL captain.
A strong southern woman who unknowingly steals his heart.
A ruthless stalker who’ll stop at nothing to prevent their Happily Ever After.

When Jude Christensen, the Captain of the Savannah Heat hockey team, sets out on his morning run, he has no way of knowing that this particular run will change his life forever. Rescuing a tattered kitten from a feral dog leads him to meet Dr. Megan James, the captivating veterinarian who treats the cat, and catches his eye.  

Megan wonders about the man who doesn't hesitate to pay for the treatment of a kitten that wasn’t even his own and as fate continues to throw them together, Jude and Megan explore their mutual attraction.  

But when Megan becomes the target of a stalker who doesn’t like the attention she is getting from the handsome Captain, things take a sinister turn. The stalker will stop at nothing to keep Jude away from “his” Megan. As the danger increases, Megan refuses to be intimidated, and Jude must find a way to save her life as he earns her heart. 

 Jude's Sweet Fire is the suspenseful first installment in the Savannah Heat Sports Romance Series and includes a BONUS free novella download offer! 

Reviews for Jude's Sweet Fire

Marieke's Books

"There’s only one word to describe Jude; swoon. He’s a big, sweet guy who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body...Jude’s Sweet Fire is my very first read by Jessica McBrayer, and I love it."

Diane's Book Blog

"Jessica McBrayer heats things up with JUDE'S SWEET FIRE (Savannah Heat #1)...The plot was skillfully executed."

Avonna Loves Genres

"The sex scenes are smokin’ hot and explicit, but I never felt they were gratuitous...Ms. McBrayer writes realistic dialogue that had me laughing out loud and blushing with the characters."

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