You're in luck with Magikal Matchmakers a new series. Four mini series of three books, two writers and 12 books!

In book one of the Magikal Matchmaker’s series, “The Devils in the Details,”  matchmaker witch, Matilda Barton, practices her skills out of her shop in the historic town of Salem.

She’s good at finding the best mate for all of the creatures that go bump in the night, beautiful or not so pretty. Unbeknownst to her a mother demon insists her son find a wife. What happens when Matilda meets a potential client she dislikes on sight only to find out they are the perfect match? A funny, enemies to lovers romance, with a touch of mystery and the threat of mayhem perfect for the fans of the San Francisco Vampires series..


Las Vegas is a tough place to find true love. Abigail Cohen, traditional Jewish matchmaker, escapes from the pogroms in  Ukraine in 1911. After traveling the world she runs out of money and ends up in Vegas. There is not much business for her skills until she’s enlisted by the Magikal Matchmaker’s Guild to use her talent for paranormal customers. Abigail cautiously takes them up on their offer. She refuses to go the computer based matching route like her competion, Belinda Snac. Instead, Abigail sticks to her inherited ability to sense and draw soul mates to her clients.

A tech genius Brownie with killer organizational skills, brings Abigail’s fledgling agency into the 21st century. Seesee comes from a traditional Brownie upbringing and incorporates the traditional Brownie skills with the magic of the tech age.

Rounding out the agency is a granddaughter of a goddess, (no hints but who would be most helpful in the romance business?)

The hilarious host of vampires, trolls, witches, and shifters looking for their true love are heart warming and idiosyncratic. Everything is dandy until one of their clients is murdered.