First Book in the Savannah Heat Series, "Sweet Fire"

Hockey player in love with his sport

hero of "Sweet Fire" first book in series, Savannah Heat by Jessica Mcbrayer

Jude Christiensen, the captain of the Savannah Heat Hockey team has his mind on the game and his future in his sport. He's not looking for love. 

saves an embattled kitten,

Kitten saved by Jude Christiensen, Savanah Heat series by Jessica McBrayer

On a morning run, Jude hears a cat scream and finds a kitten on the losing end of a battle with a stray dog.  The kitten needs help now. Of course, the only name that fits the little fighter is Gordie, after Gordie Howe

meets a beautiful vet with a past.

Megen, a veterinarian who helps Jude save an injure kitten. Savannah Heat by Jessica McBrayer

After treating Jude's new housemate and impressing the handsome rescuer, Megen runs into the open door of Jude's Range Rover. He had been unloading supplies for his new kitten. Megen's resulting injury to her knee puts her out of commission. Jude feels responsible. 

An unlikely beginning,


During her convalescence, Jude's behavior convinces Megan that he is a different kind of man. One she could admire as well as enjoy being with. But will he stay that way once they get involved?

with danger neither had anticipated.


Megen had just wanted to make a new life with her new business. She had no desire to get involved with another man. Her ex had almost killed her. Meanwhile, Jude's season begins. How will their growing attraction mess with Jude's game?

Will love find a way?


Megen's ex begins to stalk her. The severity of her stalker's attacks escalates.  He had decided  if he couldn't have her, no one would. Jude fears for Megen's life, hiring 24 hour security. But Jude is in danger too . . .

The Blaze Goes On . . .

Winter's Warmath

Book 2 in Savannah Heat, hockey romance series by Jessica McBrayer

IIn Winter's Warmth, Xander Torgelson, Jude's winger and best friend, has his player days catch up with him. A surprise baby rocks his world. 

Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice, presents a brand hew goalie, Ron Lukowski. His wayward brother drags him into the crosshairs of the mafia. His heart draws him to  a career-destroying, fiery, female sports caster. 

Hope Burns


Hope Burns, is the story of Jude's little sister, and Jakob, a Swiss rookie forward. After a messy breakup and a year of drowning his sorrows, will he get his second chance at love?