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Vampires of San Francisco Series

Sucking in San Francisco


Working at a Suicide Prevention Center in San Francisco, Lily Goodwill thinks she’s heard it all—then she gets a call from a man about to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Something about the caller, maybe his yummy British accent or Lily’s ability to understand his crushing ennui, makes her break all the rules and rush to save him.

 Her caller glows with blue fire and turns out to be a vampire-hating Djinn. Is Lily really a vampire with a conscience and an obsessive-compulsive disorder, involving Handi-wipes and Lysol, or is she just another bloodsucker? He decides to put off his jump until he finds out.

Add in another vampire, with a history of female lovers stretching over three centuries, who swears he’s reformed and declares his undying love for Lily. Stir in a mean pair of witches and a vicious warlock, who are staking vampires around the city and you have a recipe for riotous adventure of supernatural proportions.

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Hellhounds Are For Suckers

cover of Hellhounds are for Suckers, from Vampires of San Francisco by Jessica McBrayer

Vampire, Lily Goodwill, has coupled up and her BFF, Hannah, is feeling alone and lonely. One night on a stroll through her favorite graveyard she is befriended by a small growling fur ball. The puppy refuses to leave and reluctantly she takes him in. She soon needs expert advice because the puppy won’t eat any of the expensive dog food she buys and burps fire and is growing by the hour.

Hannah consults her vampire friends and a friendly Djinn and finds out she’s gotten herself a Hell Hound. And more, the jinni warns, there is sure to be an owner somewhere. When a gorgeous demon shows up pounding on her door wanting his dog back, Hannah is suddenly in the middle of a humorous predicament. This is the second episode of the San Francisco Vampires.,

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Sucking Bites


Lily Goodwill, the vamp with a heart of gold, gets a disturbing call on the Suicide Prevention Hotline. A hysterical caller is convinced a werewolf is breaking into his house. Lily dispatches the appropriate services, convinced that “someone is off their meds.” Oh, that it were true.

Soon enough, Lily is fighting for her life against a hairy beastie. She is supported by her almost-fiancé, the brooding French vampire, Sebastian, who adores the ground she walks on, and Aidan, the 5,000 year-old vampire-hunting jinni, who scarfs energy for breakfast and believes he’s waited his entire existence—for Lily.  

Her best friends and housemates - vampires, a demon, and a hell hound—rally to her aid— as the odds stack up against her. A conniving vampire Queen, a witch bent on seduction, and a determined assassin with a contract on Lily’s undead life round out a season in the City by the Bay.

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Suckers Go To Hell

cover of Suckers Bit Back from vampires of San Francisco series by Jessica Mcbrayer.

What do you wear to a Holiday dinner party in Hell, with your in-laws? When the Vampire Hannah falls in love with Diel, a hot Demon, things warm up in more ways than one. Her Life-mate’s parents, insist on meeting Hannah, so it’s off to Hell they’re bound. 

First Lily, Hannah’s BFF and a fashionista, takes the Goth girl in hand. Who knew she had legs? Everyone is stunned and ambiguous about the new look—a designer babe, Ganja Girl. Of course, you can’t go to Hell for the Holidays without your Hell Hound and you probably need to bring a devastatingly handsome Djinn friend, to get your back, just in case the in-laws aren’t as friendly as they claim to be. 

Hannah’s new duds aren’t the only surprises in store in this humorous but exciting,  paranormal Christmas tale.

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Suckers Bite Back

cover of Suckers Bite Back, book in San Francisco Vampires by Jessica McBrayer

The vampire Lily Goodwill is in trouble. She’s been fired from her job at the Suicide Prevention Call Center. She’s drinking, doing brimstone, and doesn’t care what happens. Sebastian St. John is dying on the inside. He’s watching Lily fall apart and she won’t let him in. He’s aching to help. He must work slowly to win her back. If only he can keep a certain Demon out of her life.

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Little Suckers Bite Too


Hannah is pregnant, and happy beyond her wildest dreams. But all is not hearts and baby booties. When Hannah is forced into bed rest, in Hell, her bestie, Lily joins her. 

Manipulating in-laws and pregnancy complications begin as Hannah's due date looms in the not-so-distant future. Her pregnancy causes chaos for her in-laws, jealous demons, and a fire-barking Hell Hound.

But there is a surprise in store for Hannah and Diel. Only a djinn, vampires and werevamps can come to the rescue and ring in the joyous birth of Hannah’s and Diel’s baby.

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Merry Sucking Christmas


Manda is still lost. Things are pointing to a vampire trafficking ring. Aidan, the djinn, is depressed and desperate wearing himself ragged looking for traces of his girlfriend. Ganga Girl and our Vamp Lily are hot on the trail, while Sebastian is trying to keep Lily safe from the wiles of the Italian Vampire King, Basilio.

All the usual suspects in our favorite pack of vampires  and "friends" are committed to finding Manda, whatever the cost. The family is determined to keep Aidan from dissolving into the hot desert winds that make up his being.

Sebastian and Lily have a wedding to plan but can they go forward with Manda still missing? More twists and turns than ever before await the vampires from the City by the Bay.

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Suckers Lost and Found

Cover of "Suckers Lost and Found" from the Vampires of San Francisco series by Jessica McBrayer

It’s Christmas in San Francisco. And all your favorite characters are celebrating in their own special ways. From Julian’s Saturnalia to Helena’s Winter Solstice, from Christmas mass to Santa Claus, the vampires of San Francisco have it covered. 

Lily just wants everyone to be happy. But with a surprise visit from hell, Diel’s father and his new wife, nothing is for sure. Meanwhile, the children all demonstrate that they are definitely the next generation of magikal beings. Will Diel’s father ruin the holidays or will Lily’s Christmas wish prevail?

This is book 8 in the San Francisco Vampires Series. 

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Award Winning Series and Amazon's top 100 listings. 

"A not-to-be-missed hilarious romp through San Francisco harboring witches, magic, a to-die-for Djinn, and some very sexy vampires you'd love to have bite your neck." (NYT Bestseller Jennifer Skully) 

Lily Goodwill is a quick thinking, smart-talking vampire who’s still figuring out how she feels about dining al fresco in the City by the Bay.

And Then We Have the Hellhound

Hell Hounds Are For Suckers

One of the most popular books in the Vampires of San Francisco series is Hell Hound Are For Suckers. Hannah the hip, gothic vampire's, finds a puppy with glowing eyes in a graveyard. The dog attaches his affection to her and refuses to leave her side.. As Hannah tells the dog that she is not keeping him, she pulls into the local all night pet store and picks up supplies. She is only going to keep him until she finds his owner. Meanwhile the dog makes himself at home. 

It isn't lost on Hannah, that the hound is growing. Overnight. As Hannah falls for the dog, his real owner appears. A demon who demands his dog's return. He claims the dog is called Ares.  But Hannah calls him Hades—he is a Hell Hound with several talents, among them finding mates for his favorite people. Whether they think they need one or not.

Hellhound, Hades, from Vampires of San Francisco, by Jessica McBrayer
Hellhound, Hades, from Vampires of San Francisco, by Jessica McBrayer