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Looking for something hot to keep you cozy at night? The Savannah Heat series will warm your heart and slip into your soul. Meet the white knight in Jude’s Sweet Fire, the player with a surprise baby in Xander-Winter’s Warmth, enjoy Frenemies in Ron, Fire and Ice, cheer for a second chance with Jacob, Hope Burns, and root for the lost boy in Marcel, Redemption Through Fire. These men, are a close knit hockey team, with talent and courage, who become close friends. They rely on each other on the ice, and step up when the one of them must fight for the most important things in his life.

If you are a hockey romance fan, you will find everything you love in this series. If you like your romance sweet with  heat you will be enchanted with these love stories. And then there are the added twists of mystery and suspense to blend with the final touches to a new and already well loved series.

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August 15 Release

"Asher" Book 1,
New Savannah Heat Spin-Off

First book in the Savannah Heat — Force Security,  Spin-off Series. The men who guard the Heat.

  • The genius, included in the Heat family
  • Who is a millionaire, fanatic about his privacy
  • He loves his life and has made a fortune with his games and coding
  • Until he connects with a mysterious online hacker
  • They’re drawn into a game of cat and mouse to save her.


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"Brent - Enforcing My Heart"
book 9

  • The tough guy, who never gets too close
  • The woman who slips under his guard
  • One of the most difficult challenges a  couple can face

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book cover caleb

"Caleb - On Thin Ice" "book 8

  • A player who needs to mend his ways.
  • A lucrative endorsement that requires a family man.
  • He needs wife and wants a dog
  • A  woman, dog trainer, willing to make a deal with the devil so she can open her own dog care business.
  • What happens when their priorities change?

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I loved it. I loved that it had so much humor in it. I found myself laughing all the time.
I just love this series and can never wait for the next book. The humor, romance and suspense. It has it all.

Book Two Cover Savannah Heat
Book three in the Savannah Heat series, Ron

"JUDE'S Sweet Fire"
book 1​

"XANDER-Winter's Warmth"
book 2

"RYAN - Fire and Ice"
book 3

  • A white knight
  • A kitten mauled by a ferrel dog
  • A beautiful vet who coves to the rescue
  • A stalker who wants her dead.



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  • A player who falls in love
  • The woman he has to convince
  • The one-night-stand with a surprize baby
  • Will the love of his life understand?


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  • A goalie who meets his match
  • A sports reporter who’s not sure who to believe
  • The brother that is ready to sell out his family to the mob
  • Will the goalie and the reporter find the truth before someone is killed?


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“I absolutely loved this book I laughed I cried and I got mad and I fell in love going to read the Christmas one.
Love it.”
cover of Jacob, book 4 in Savannah Heat series

"JACOB-Hope Burns"
book 4

  • He fell in love with his captain’s sister
  • She seemed to feel the same way — until she dumped him
  • She can’t tell him why she left
  • Trying to rehabilitate his image he mentors an at risk child
  • Can they find a way to save the boy they’ve both come to love and save their love as well?

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Cover Book 5, Savannah Heat series

"MARCEL - Redemption Through Fire"
Book 5


  • He’s spent the past year regretting the night he betrayed the only woman he’s loved
  • His self destructive path is tearing her apart
  • The phone call that threatens to destroy any chance at love or his career
  • Can they rebuild a life from dying embers?

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Ivan - Trial by Fire

"IVAN Trial By Fire"
Book 6

A hockey player with a secret sweet tooth walks into the bakery of his dreams and finds more than he bargained for.

But they may never find their HEA if Akiko’s ex has anything to say about it. All of this alpha male’s protective instincts are ready for whatever it takes.



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Review for Ivan: “Every book gets better.

I’m Asian and I love how the author recognizes not every Japanese person is the same as a Korean or Chinese person. And we love hockey too and our kids can pick up our cultures from both parents. And I love all the foodie references, it just appealed to the hockey fan in me, the foodie and the baker….I adore this book and having said that, I’m gonna grab a snack, sit in My yard and re-read this again. Every book In This series Is my very favorite until the next one and Jessica McBrayer is an automatic one-click. That said, this book in particular is a firm favorite as it appeals to so many facets of me. Cannot tell you how much I love this. Thank You for MY book”

CTTaylor  Amazon Verified Purchase

Cover of Hunter, book six in the savannah heat series

"HUNTER-Rockin' The Ice,"
Book 6

  • She’s a rising country music star who just got off tour
  • His career is just taking off when he’s roped into a charity event
  • Love hits them harder than one of Hunter’s slap shots but will a surprise baby ruin their plans and their love?
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Another wonderfully intriguing love story of two people in the public eye just trying to have it all!”

Linda J. Olinger,  Verifed Amazon Purchase


in the Savannah Heat or Force Security series!

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