Looking for something hot to keep you cozy at night? The Savannah Heat series will warm your heart and slip under your skin. Meet the white knight in Jude’s Sweet Fire, the player with a surprise baby in Xander-Winter’s Warmth, enjoy Frenemies in Ron, Fire and Ice, cheer for a second chance with Jacob, Hope Burns, and root for the lost boy in Marcel, Redemption Through Fire. These men, are a close knit team of friends, with talent and courage. They rely on each other on the ice, and step up when the others fight for the most important things in their lives.

If you are a hockey romance fan, you will find everything you love in this series. If you like your romance sweet with  heat you will be enchanted with these love stories. And then there are the added twists of mystery and suspense to add the final touches to a new and already well loved series.


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Ivan - Trial by Fire

"Ivan, Trial by Fire" book 6

Cover of Hunter, book six in the savannah heat series

"Hunter-Rockin'the Ice" book 7

Another wonderfully intriguing love story of two people in the public eye just trying to have it all!"
Linda J. Olinger
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book cover caleb

"Caleb - On Thin Ice," book 8


"All our favorite characters make a appearance in this book. This book is more about personal growth in the relationship we don't get to see any of our favorite security guards but the conflict is their. Love the furry characters in this book they have more of a pivotal role then they have in other books. I will be rereading this book a lot."
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"Every book gets better. I’m Asian and I love how the author recognizes not every Japanese person is the same as a Korean or Chinese person. And we love hockey too and our kids can pick up our cultures from both parents. And I love all the foodie references, it just appealed to the hockey fan in me, the foodie and the baker....I adore this book and having said that, I’m gonna grab a snack, sit in My yard and re-read this again. Every book In This series Is my very favorite until the next one and Jessica McBrayer is an automatic one-click. That said, this book in particular is a firm favorite as it appeals to so many facets of me. Cannot tell you how much I love this. Thank You for MY book"
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A hockey player with a secret sweet tooth walks into the bakery of his dreams and finds more than he bargained for.

Ivan “the judge” Alexeev meets, Akiko, the diminutive owner of Sweetly Southern and the 6’2″ Russian athlete’s tongue ties up and his heart locks down. A lot of cupcakes and extra workouts are in his future.

But they may never find their HEA if Akiko’s ex has anything to say about it. All of this alpha male’s protective instincts are ready for whatever it takes.

This is the sixth book in the beloved Savannah Heat Hockey Romance series.

Seraphina Sawyer just got off tour and is performing a special performance for a charity in her hometown of Savannah. She’s looking forward to some downtime before recording her next album and has no time or inclination to have a relationship.

Hunter Cain’s career is just taking off. He’s young, rich and good looking and isn’t ready to commit to anyone. He got roped into going to a charity event to represent the Heat. The beautiful singer mesmerized him with her lyrics. He had to get to know her better.

Love hit them harder than one of Hunter’s slapshots, but will a surprise baby tear them apart?

A hockey player that’s rougher on the outside than he is on the inside and a spitfire of a woman who trains dogs. Neither of them looking for love, but life is funny that way.

Caleb is a left-winger on the second line for the Savannah Heat hockey team and is in his prime. He’s been seeking those elusive endorsements but there’s a catch. The company willing to put his face on their products is family owned and they want him to give up his playboy ways. He needs a girlfriend and wants a dog, not necessarily in that order.

Emily gets a call from her friend Megan who knows a guy that is getting a dog and needs her services. It could be a lucrative gig and will get her one step closer to her goal. But the job offers more than she bargained for.

Can they come to an arrangement that will satisfy everyone or will true love sneak up on them and complicate it all.

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"Jude's Sweet Fire" book 1

"I absolutely loved this book I laughed I cried and I got mad and I fell in love going to read the Christmas one Love it."
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When Jude Christensen, the Captain of the Savannah Heat hockey team, sets out on his morning run, he has no way of knowing that this particular run will change his life forever. Rescuing a tattered kitten from a feral dog leads him to meet Dr. Megan James, the captivating veterinarian who treats the cat, and catches his eye. 

Megan wonders about the man who doesn’t hesitate to pay for the treatment of a kitten that wasn’t even his own and as fate continues to throw them together, Jude and Megan explore their mutual attraction. 

But when Megan becomes the target of a stalker who doesn’t like the attention she is getting from the handsome Captain who dominates on the ice, things take a sinister turn. The stalker will stop at nothing to keep Jude away from “his” Megan. As the danger increases, Megan refuses to be intimidated, and Jude must find a way to save her life as he earns her heart.

Jude’s Sweet Fire is the suspenseful first installment in the Savannah Heat Sports Romance Series and includes a BONUS free novella when you sign up for the Heat Beat newsletter.


Book three in the Savannah Heat series, Ron

"Ron-Fire and Ice" book 3

"Wow this book get so hot you may need a cold shower. I absolutely could not get enough of this. I was hooked from the first page, great writing job. Bravo loved it"

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As an NHL goalie, Ron Lukowski is an expert at keeping his guard up. But when he meets Savannah’s quick-witted sports show host, Lori Gambel, he finds himself making a few new plays of his own. 

There’s no use denying the chemistry between Lori and Ron, but when Lori gets a hot tip that Ron is fixing games for the mob, she begins to question if he’s really as wholesome as he seems. As Ron faces the reality of Family life, Lori sets out to determine the truth and soon discovers that this is one scoop that could cost her everything.

“Wow this book get so hot you may need a cold shower I absolutely could not get enough of this I was hooked from the first page great writing job bravo loved it and if anyone is looking a steamy wonderful read then add this one to your list you will not be disappointed I was not, I loved it” Kathleen

Ron Fire and Ice is the third book in the Savannah Heat Hockey Romance series. The book can be easily enjoyed as a standalone novel or greedily devoured as the next installment of this steamy series.

image of a man lying down
Book Two Cover Savannah Heat

"Xander-Winter's Warmth" book 2

“I loved how well it was written. I was engrossed/engaged & read straight through.
I read Jude’s Sweet Fire & I loved how Xander flowed effortlessly. I didn’t want to end. I loved how Rachel & Xander communicated & how he truly loved & listened.
This is my first ever review and I beyond in love with this author’s work. One-Click always.

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NHL right wing, Xander Torgelson, made a lifestyle out of loving and leaving puck bunnies everywhere he went, until he met Rachel Maddox. He’s put everything into trying to convince Rachel that his past is never going to be a part of their future. 

But when a former one-night stand shows up on his doorstep with an emaciated baby in hand, it becomes clear that his bad boy behavior is going to have a bigger impact on their happily ever after than he’d ever believed. It doesn’t take long for his fling to hatch a scheme to cash in on the baby she’s abandoned. As her plan unfolds, she’ll stop at nothing to score her puck bunny “payday” and Xander finds that saving his new family will be the riskiest play of his life. 

cover of Jacob, book 4 in Savannah Heat series

"Jakob -Hope Burns" book 4

Jacob-Hope Burns is one of the most heartwarming books I have ever read. Even with his personal life in turmoil and his professional life in jeopardy, Jakob makes the time to save a young boy, reaffirming Anja’s belief that he is a really good man. I loved everything about this book! Seriously one of the best in my experience! ♥️♥️♥️

When Jakob Baumgartner met Anja Christensen at her big brother’s wedding, he had no idea that their love affair would be over so quickly… or that he would be left with so many questions. Burying his pain in drinking and puck bunnies seems like the only way he can tolerate his existence since Anja ripped his very heart from inside him. After a scandalous photo of him makes headlines and threatens his career, he’s convinced it can’t get any worse… until the Heat’s new PR manager walks in with her familiar perfume.

Anja is devastated to learn how Jakob has behaved since they’ve been apart. She knew that returning to Savannah would be difficult, but this was starting out worse than she could have imagined. If Jakob is hurting this badly now, how much more would he hurt if he knew the truth about why she’d ended things between them?

Mentoring an at-risk child helps Jakob feel better about himself than he’s felt since Anja left him. As he works hard to earn Luke’s trust, he soon realizes that Luke is in far greater danger than he’s allowed anyone to know. Now, saving this lonely boy is the only thing that matters to Jakob, but he can’t do it alone.

Can Anja overcome her fears and tell Jakob the truth about why she shut him out in time to save young Luke?

"Marcel-Redemption Through Fire"book 5 (left)

“Awesome story!!!!!! Did not disappoint. Such a tough story line, loved that they worked through it together. Loved, loved, loved it. Can’t wait for the next one!!!”

John Berghs
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A bad boy Hockey Player who can't drink away his painful childhood. The woman who will never forget his biggest mistake. The fight to face their demons and win a chance at true love.

Marcel “Frenchie” Hugo, NHL player for the Savannah Heat, has spent the past year regretting a single night—the night that he betrayed the love of his life.

Julie Reynolds watches her friends with happy lives, but she can’t tell them what is tearing her apart. Her happiness was destroyed with a single phone call.

When Marcel makes a bold move to close the distance between them, he ends up in the hospital, his career in shambles. Marcel and Julie both have demons to face down before their story can find a happy ending. Can they overcome past mistakes for a second chance at a happily ever after? 

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