Xander - Winter's Warmth


Xander - Winter's Warmth

A reformed playboy NHL player.

A fierce southern spitfire. 

The surprise bundle that will either bring them together or tear them apart.

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Jude's Sweet Fire


Jude's Sweet Fire is Available Now!

A sweet and sexy NHL captain.
A strong southern woman who unknowingly steals his heart.
A ruthless stalker who’ll stop at nothing to prevent their Happily Ever After.

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The First Book in the Savannah Heat Series, "Jude's Sweet Fire"

A hard-core hockey captain

hero of "Sweet Fire" first book in series, Savannah Heat by Jessica Mcbrayer

Jude Christensen, the captain of the Savannah Heat, has his mind on the game and his future in the sport he loves. He's not looking for romance. 

saves an embattled kitten, and

Kitten saved by Jude Christiensen, Savanah Heat series by Jessica McBrayer

On a morning run, Jude hears a kitten in distress and finds it on the losing end of a battle with a stray dog. The kitten needs help now

meets a beautiful vet with a past.

Megen, a veterinarian who helps Jude save an injure kitten. Savannah Heat by Jessica McBrayer

Veterinarian Megan James saves Jude's new housemate. But when fate keeps throwing these two together, Jude gets a chance to return the favor. 

An unlikely beginning,


Megan is leery of this handsome stranger and his chivalrous charms, but soon finds herself unable to resist their mutual attraction.

with unanticipated danger.


When a stalker from the past emerges to stake a claim for the woman he loves to control, Megan refuses to let fear control her.

Will love find a way?


Can Jude can find a way to protect Megan and earn her heart?

The Blaze Goes On . . .

Winter's Warmth

Book 2 in Savannah Heat, hockey romance series by Jessica McBrayer

In Winter's Warmth, Xander Torgelson, Jude's winger and best friend, has his player days catch up with him. Can he convince the woman he loves that his past really is behind them when a surprise baby shows up to rock their world?

Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice, introduces Ron Lukowski, a hot new goalie for the Heat. But when Ron's wayward brother drags him into the crosshairs of the mafia, Ron must find a way to save his family and the fiery sportscaster who finds herself a target.

Hope Burns


Hope Burns, tells the story of Jakob, a rookie forward, who turns to bad boy behavior to cope with his broken heart. But when his beloved Anja returns, with a painful secret of her own, will they get a second chance at love?