Stained Series: Same Magik, New Look

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Cover of first book in the stained series
"I absolutely love this book and this series. I'm currently reading the next book in this series and it's excellent. I want to get a tattoo at Thorn's shop. I'm from the East Bay and the descriptions are spot on!" Amazon Verified Review
Maria J

Book  One: Stained

Thorn works after dark. That’s when she combines her gifts as a tattoo artist and her powers as a natural born witch to weave magick into her ink. Her tattoo parlor, Stained, on Berkeley’s quirky Telegraph Avenue draws clients from all walks of life. Her work is also in high demand from the supernatural community and the undead.

With her raven familiar, Thorn’s been on the run all her adult life. Only she knows of the horrors in her past. Thorn only wants to practice her art of tattooing in peace. But when a murderer targets her clients, Sé, a tall, dark and Irish detective is assigned to investigate. They must trust each other to survive the cat and mouse game that ensues.

If You like suspenseful, supernatural, riveting stories then you like Jessica McBrayer’s Stained series, as Thorn and her friends and allies gather their courage and their gifts to deafeat unnatural evil.


Amazon Top 100 series.
Richard Chylton is a man out of time. Appointed as a keep in the Tower of London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, he hates what he sees happening to innocents accused of witchcraft. His mother is a midwife, always vulnerable to accusations, and his best friend as a child could make magick. Thorn loved to play tricks to entertain Richard, unknowing what she was and how dangerous her powers could be. She is a natural witch from a long line of powerful women, spirited away for her own safety, to relatives in Ireland when she was five and Richard was eight. But they had a connection that lasted through the years.
Their dreams of each other were really visions and when Thorn realizes that Richard is in danger she returns to London fully aware of the danger that might await her. What is the cost of true love?
Can it really live forever?

"So mote it be! Wow, this took me by surprise. I was entranced by the tale that unfolded in front me while reading this. I was taken away to another time and place. I look forward to reading more from you."
John Doe
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"This is a great second book in the series. I love our heroine, she is tough and bad a**, just the way I like them! Se is just as kind, devoted and sweet in this one as he ended up being in the first. We find he has some "powers" as well and that makes him seem to mature before your eyes. Ready for the next!"
J Gundy
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After Sé and Thorn’s  deadly encounter with Thorn’s brother, Caleb, the couple heads to Ireland to recuperate at Thorn’s ancestral home. As a witch, Thorn walks into a less-than-warm reception in the staunch Protestant town. And when children go missing, Thorn and Sé are the first suspects. But are those who remember Thorn’s grandmother and the old ways. They come to her for protection—and to find the children.
 Raven, Thorn’s familiar, builds a network of crows to spy and trace the truth. Unfamiliar dark magik drifts out of the Mourne Mountains near Thorn’s home. To survive Sé discovers power within himself while Thorn delves further into her wild magick. With the help of new friends and old, Sé and Thorn prepare to battle a force greater than any they’ve ever faced, one that will either destroy or transform them.

Book four “INKED HEART”

They met under dubious circumstances when Thorn was the target of a brutal, supernatural serial killer. Sé was the police investigator assigned to hunt her down. After their battle with a magicak serial killer, they leave Berkeley, California. they hope to recover in Ireland. But the paranormal is not done with them and Ireland is no place to hide from magick, or the past.
Thorn, and Sé choose Dublin to reestablish themselves. They are battle-worn and determined to get on with their lives. Once again fate intervenes. Someone or something is after them. Something not explained by science or natural law.

"I love this series, and have since the first one. This is a very fast paced read, with a lot going on. The main characters are wonderful as are the supporting ones. I strongly suggest this series!"
Rebecca S.
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Cover of Irish Ink, Stained series

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Thorn is busy but life is good until it isn’t.

Thorn and Sé are expecting and planning a wedding. All their friends are there to join in the joyous occasion. Nothing can stop their happily ever after, that is until someone from their past summons a demon to destroy Thorn. Her familiar has his own crisis.

Will a love that stands the passage of time be enough to overcome true evil or will evil feed the chaos that only Hell can send their way?

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